About this software

This conference registration software was developed by:

  • Massimo DiPierro
  • Carl Karsten
  • Doug Napoleone
  • Yarko Tymciurak
  • Mariano Reingart
  • Alan Etkin
and is released under the New BSD license.

It was originally developed for PyCon 2009. Used also at PyCon 2010.
With some modifications, it was used in:


  • Stefaan Himpe (Dutch)
  • BearXu (Chinese)
  • Denes (Spanish / Latin American)
  • Jonathan Benn (French)

Source Code

Information about this software can be found at web2conf. It is built on web2py and uses Google Checkout for online payments.

This software can manage other aspects of a conference organization, including talk proposal submissions, reviews, comments and talk feedback, sponsor, financial aid and expenses management. Some of these features are still under development and/or are currently disabled.

Conference Map

Airport, Bus Stations, Restaurants, Hotels, ATM, Tourism and More

More About the Venue:
The City, Travel to Posadas, Accommodations, Excursions


  • SciPy Latin America
  • Universidad Gastón Dachary


  • Machinalis
  • Python Software Foundation


  • GitHub


  • Enthought Scientific Computing Solutions

Institutional Endorsement

  • Huayra - GNU Linux
  • Conectar Igualdad

Specials Thanks

  • PyCharm - by JetBrains


  • Argentina en Python
  • MiSoL - Misiones Software Libre
  • pyladies Argentina
  • Juan Luis Cano contacto@pybonacci.org
  • Guaraní Turismo